Education today and tomorrow

Does examination lead to real learning?

“Tomorrow is my exam,
but i don’t care as a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future”
                                                                           -Thomas A.Edison
               When we recall all our exams and marks, we can surely conclude that we do not remember any of those things now. Then what is the purpose of those marks which meant a lot in those days. I still remember my major part of school life was only exam preparation and fear of its results.  We used to just mug up the contents and used to get marks. The ultimate education was to get marks and to get into higher grades and ranks. Which created only a  competitive journey.
              Well, the real purpose of exam is judging what we have learned. Then we can judge it by observation or in terms of assignments at least in schools. As, these kind of exam structure is only making students trained for marks not learning. 
              Looking at the global scenario, We must agree to Japans education system as they do not take any exams till 4th grade as they believe teaching to live life is more important than exam burden. Also, in Finland they follow less exam structure.

              As, a result of fewer exams students gets into learning process. They develop interesting attitude towards learning and which leads to real education. If we just concentrate on marks then it is qualification of person not education. Lets hope, the education system recognizes these facts and develops a proper education system.

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