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e-textbooks : Next generation trend

Lets think about “textbooks”…which we read for entire academic year. For the first few months it is really very fascinating to read those new fresh textbooks. But, after few months get bored of those mundane pages and eventually we start avoiding it. Also when we need a previous class textbooks , we usually never find it, and the entire reading and learning process becomes an uninteresting activity. With an attempt to fix these problems,  “e-textbooks” are introduced.  After online shopping for kids,kids app, online kids games, and other kids activities online, its now time for textbooks getting online and in an interesting digital form.

Generation today is too lucky as they do not have to go through the trouble of reading mundane textbooks for entire year. As it is technology generation, today technology has even replaced the boring mundane hard copy textbook structure by an online medium which is too cheaper as compared to the previous system.


  • Introduction of E-textbooks in Japan:

Considering the earlier system, a research was conducted in Japan in which kids stated that, we love learning but, we want it in our pace and in convenient structure, In this light, Japan  introduced the concept of “E-Textbooks” in 2017.  every 2 kids out of 6 in schools use tablets and laptops in classrooms.There government is promoting the concept of technology aided education. They have a mission that every kid should be equipped with laptops  by 2020


  • More Fun: same as games:

Why to go for e-textbooks?. usually the textual information is in simple format its the teachers who explains the textual content to students. The main aim of e-textbooks introduction is to make the reading and learning process a fun. With the massive success of online kids games, it motivated further to add education material on the online medium to add fun in learning process. The study material in e-textbooks is in the form of audio and video content. Which makes it damn interesting to read and understand. The special kids effects and colors makes kids attracted towards listening it. All the diagrams can be drawn and graphs can be plotted on online medium which certainly makes it an interesting study method.

Again going through case study of japan, they have a educational game in which the game actors involve kids and explain them the educational concepts in their understandable language


  • kids home:

The best benefit of such technology  is that it is not human dependent.Kids can learn and listen to it at any time with their mood. No need of prescribed time bound. They can read the lessons at home too. e-textbooks provides learning anytime and anywhere. looking at the global scenario, recently a non-Japanese kid is learning the Japanese lesson sitting in Sri-Lanka with the help of e-textbooks.

We hope to see such technology in all the countries,It is alarming time to get shifted to the enhanced technology aids. It is the next generation trend and an fascinating approach to involve kids in learning mode and making study an interesting activity.





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