Education today and tomorrow

“Educated Person” of 21st century

“The educated differ from the uneducated,
as much as the living from the dead”
                        21st century’s educated person is not the one who can read and write but who is above the basic level. There are huge expectations from this new generation. As, they have been given many resources as compared to earlier generations.
                         The first and foremost ability is innovative thinking approach. You can easily get job by basic skills. But, now ahead step is expected by today’s educated person. Continuous innovative attitude is the need of the day. With such an approach much new applications are expected to be developed from them. They are expected to learn new things and also to implement in the real world.
                          With technological skills, inner human engineering is also must. These inner refers to an educated person as patient and confident in behavior. More than  explanation they are expected to be understanding. We see these skills are not at all seen in most of the graduates of today. In such cases, those degree holders only qualified but not educated.
                          We are seeing, qualification rates are increased but, also suicide, anger and divorce rates have increased. People are in chaos and lack dealing skills. By that, we mean they are not good in dealing regular activities. Mostly, “maturity” is accepted from educated people of today.
                          Also, environmental awareness is expected.  keeping our natural resources intact and keeping cities and nations clean is also role of all the individuals of today. Global warming and many such issues are the next problem which we are facing.  As an educated person it is our national responsibility to take care of our mother earth.
                         Lastly, nothing is above our life and soul, Keeping our soul happy is the key to living life wonderfully. An educated person should learn to be happy first than any of the feelings in life, Making soul to be calm is ultimately making entire world a better place to live in.                     

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