Education today and tomorrow

Happiness learning in schools

“ Saying yes to happiness,

means saying No to things and people that stress you out”

                                                                                                -Thema Davis

                                                                                     We wonder people are really confused about the “happiness” feeling. Some think it is in wealth,some think it is in people, some    think it is in success etc. There are millions of views about it. Looking back in school days, happiness was scoring grades in that time, later it turned towards friends then life partner then kids then money etc. It is vicious circle and we just go on moving. Another sad part is we think we will be happy after getting something. It is again myth about happiness. If we

observe,Richest people in the world are still unhappy, even after achieving or getting what we want in life still we are unhappy. This article is written to focus on the meaning of happiness and then learning to be happy inlife.

Lets define happiness. Happiness is simply absence of any other feelings like anger,anxiety,stress etc. Happiness is smile and living in present. Its an important characteristic of living life. We like people who are always in happy and in jolly mood. We love their company because they are in present mode. Enjoying present mode is the secret of happiness. Living in present means not to think about any past or present facts and to enjoy the present moment.

The worst part about todays world is that people do not know how to be happy. It is been observed people are in stress,anxiety and anger. Stress management is the basic attribute to live life in todays world. This stress issues have a huge imapct in all the factors of life. It hampers the success. Let’s look to any of the happy person around us. One bottom common fact is that they all have learn to manage their strees levels in life. This article is written to highlight that secret of happiness is to mange the stress.

The practical implementation of happiness is Finland. Recently, finland people are nominated as the happiest people in the world. Finland is always known for its education system. And again they have proved that we have to teach to be happy too. Being happy is a state which can be taught to people right from their childhood. They have succesfuuly implemented it and finally they are now well known in world for being the happiest.

After finding the reason for their happy state, It was observed that it is the education system which has yield such output in people’s life in finland. Kids in finland are not given homew work. Infact they are made to play more than study. They are allowed to be kids in the age of kids. Study as such comes later in life. Also, their recess time is more as compared to all the education systems in the world. Above all, they have only one yearly examination system. According them,too many exams only adds to increase in stress level and not academics. They make kids to play a lot. In short, no homework,more recess and more play leads to stress free life right from childhood. They are cultivating such culture which just kills stress from childhood. Ultimately its results are seen in entire life. That no stress means happy life.

With study of the world’s happiest people, we can say that if we work right from our childhood days then we can hope to see the happy people in all the future generations. We have to work on strees relieving culture from school itself then we can hope to create happy future generation.

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