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How can Discussion lead to learning?

“Having a good discussion,

is like having riches”
                                                         -Kenyan Proverb

                We can surely conclude that we always like discussion. No matter whether the topic is of our interest or not we like to hear the views. Majorly we like the way people express their views. And the fact is that, as a result of our active listening we gain a lot learning of the topic.
                Even in academics, the most complicated topic can be easily learned with discussing. Research has revealed that teaching in the form of group discussion had higher rate of learning as compared to any teaching methods.
                                                       Discussion is the process in which participants share their point of view about a topic.Before talking we need to have knowledge about it. so we keenly read and acquire it and then share our point of view. If a good speaker talks positively even many of negative opinion people can change their approach towards the topic.
                         If we practice regular discussion on any of the required topic, students can easily learn the topic. No need of taking formal exam, just by discussing about the topic we can analyze whether the students has understood the topic or not. With discussion, the student gets into the active mood and activeness initiates the learning process.
                        Thus, conclusion is that we can enhance the educating process by motivating group discussion activities. Lets, divide the study topics among group of students and ask them to discuss and learn among themselves. Finally, just by asking questions their point of view, we can judge their knowledge about the topic. 

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