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How can exercise lead to kids academic development?

“Humans have two kinds of abilities,
physical and cognitive”
                                                                      – Yuval Noah Harari
                 We have always seen mothers taking away kids from playgrounds. Now after reading this article mothers will let kids play more, be happy if kids want to play more, as playing leads to development of cognition ability of brain.                     
          Research has revealed that, exercises lead to the cognitive development of human brain. This cognition is the ability of recognition, it leads to progressive building of learning skills like,attention,memory and thinking. 
                       Also,Most of the outdoor plays involve interaction with other kids,elders and society with which kids get socially aware and are able to communicate. Research has also revealed that, playing games make the students actively engaged and incidentally increases concentration power. More exciting is the fact revealed by Dr.Scott McGinnis, a neurologist at Harvard medical school, he said that, engaging kids in a regular exercise program even for 6 months increases volume of selected brain regions.
                       Finland, which is recognized as the best education system implements play as there major strategy for kids development.They have alloted 4 hours of a day only for exercises.  They are right as the development of cognition skill is most important for kids overall growth. Let “kids be kids” and support them to play more which will develop their brains first, and rest is followed later.

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