Education today and tomorrow

How can parents encourage learning process?

“Today a Reader,
Tomorrow a Leader”
                                                             -Margaret Fuller

                                 Parents are the real developers of kids. Children see the world through parents eyes. When it comes to educating a kid, parents get nervous and mostly they go on providing best schools, tuitions, games, gadgets etc. Lastly, when it comes to studies parents get  involved literally by teaching each concept to kids.

              This article is written to through light on this kind of parenting. Researchers have revealed that once parents come between the kid and book they slow down the learning process. As a result, learning becomes memorization and a monotonous process.

              To encourage learning, parents are only and only responsible to provide learning environment. Now, how to create such environment, parents can create learning environment by providing good books on the required topic.

                  Once the child reads the books or concept by themselves they get involved into the thinking process. Once they think, interest get created and eventually learning begins. Initially it is difficult to make them read. well, we know kids mostly imitate parents, lets start reading such books accordingly kids will start reading it else start narrating the book which will make them curious to read it. Once they become a reader actually learner today, they will incidentally become a leader  tomorrow.    

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