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How can preschools develop learning attitude in kids?

“Preschool children are the virtuosos of imagination”

                                                                                               – Benjamin Spock

                  Preschools are the first learning center through which kids start perceiving the world. They are actually made away from the comfort zone of home and mother. While doing so, they usually are scared and not that readily merge in the new environment.
          Research has shown that, kids get familiar easily only if they are engaged in activities. But the present scenario is that many of the pre-schools, practice monotonous one way teaching which includes mere poems and prayers memorizing.
         Above all pre-schools are only considered as a practice of schools. But, actually preschools structure should be such that kids get introduced to learning. Learning follows activities. Activities like playing,interacting and arts. This pre-schools should make an  shades of colors which are different from the home structure they will easily adapt to the new world.
Above all, its the teachers which are pillars of the schools, they should be highly
experienced, as teaching to younger minds is an intelligent task. Parents should see the teachers who are teaching in those schools. Those teachers should regularly include activities which can make kids involve in the learning.
                   Results have revealed the fact that preschool students can have great sense of creativity,manners and innovative approach if effective and genuine efforts are taken by the teachers.

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