Education today and tomorrow

How can students gain awareness in life?

” The first step towards change is awareness,
the second step is acceptance”
                                                  -Nathaniel Branden
                       Lets observe kids of a class. Some are naughty, some are serious, some are pure academicians and some are very aware of the life outside classroom. These students know what we have to do and learn from other outside world. Our interest is in discussing about the last kind of students. The one who knows the world outside the classroom. These kind of outside knowledge help them to grasp the new opportunities in changing world.
           Whatever we learn from academics is something which we already know but, the fact about the current world is not that gained from books and schools. Students have to come out of their comfort zone to learn the various realities.  These all awareness can be gained only by exposure. By exposure, we mean, participating in inter school competitions, quiz es, various professional courses in which they can interact with other school students or considering larger view, other country students. 
           Lets take the example,kids learning preferences of age 14 from 1 country or state largely differs from the same age kids of different countries or states. Some are developing software applications, while some are preparing for various competitive exams etc.  You learn and adapt new and good practices and eventually grow with changing world. These attempts can broaden kids views and ultimately career. 

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