Education today and tomorrow

How can unschooling lead to real education?

“Education is not the learning of the facts,
But the training of the minds to think”
                                                                         -Albert Einstein

            “School” word make us nostalgic, we remember all those classrooms, friends, playgrounds, exams and marks. while going through all those days,many of us remember only the moments. I still remember I used to study very hard for exams and used to score high grades but today many of us do not even remember the grades of many exams which, meant a lot in those days.
              The point is we were  learning only the facts, giving exams and then marks . In entire school days we were working on our memory part of brain. Above all, for most of us, the goal  was to score higher than our friends, we were more engaged in competition than learning.Is it education?
              For real education we should implement the saying of sir Albert Einstein that, “education is training of minds”. This article is written to reveal that “no school” can lead to the training of minds. Where in, more focus is on exploring the facts rather than memorizing facts. Recently homeschooling researcher  revealed that the number of homeschoolers is increasing by 8%  every year.
             Homeschooling is the education at home, taught by parents with involvement.Statistics have depicted that homeschoolers perform better than schoolers in standardized tests. Today’s parents should stop relying upon external factors of educators.Accept the fact that  “We get life from home now its the need of the day to get educated from home as well”.

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