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How does educating differ from teaching?

“Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I remember,
Involve me and I learn”
                                       – Benjamin Franklin

                      When I look at my childhood learning, I still remember one lecture in which we were asked to make lemon juice in groups. We were preparing the juice by proportionately adding the ingredients. At the end, our teacher explained the “components mixture” concept which we remember even today.

                       I hardly remember any of the second ways lectures in which teachers used to only teach and we used to listen. After analyzing these learning experience, we can say that in first case it is students who are involved in learning process where as in second case it is teachers who are involved more than students. As a result of involvement,students learn easily with experience.

                       This article is written to reveal the fact that the teachers role is to create only the learning environment or interest in the subject, which further leads to students mind awakening. This, mind or thought process awakening is the “real education”  which we need in life and rest is mere teaching.

                       We can conclude that  teachers can educate students by involving them in subject and not by mere teaching the subject.                    

2 thoughts on “How does educating differ from teaching?

  1. TerenceA

    In the inner city school where I served as Chair of a School Governor Board exams results were so bad the local authority we hell bent on closing the school down. One of the teacher who among other subjects taught art. Her take on art was not how good the painting or drawing was it deserved to be displayed on the school walls – the only rule was it had to be signed. The children loved it so it was decided to link art with learning other subjects such as maths and English. Because the children had ownership of the work they produced the other subjects became an important factor in their education. The quality of the art work was such that at a School Children exhiption at the RA the school had two paintings exhibited – the knock on effect was that in 2007 the headteacher and myself were invited to a reception No 10 Downing Street to recieve an award for the most improved primary school in the UK. What art did was for the children to attend school as a matter of enjoyment. Of course art is not the only subject that can motivate children, music can also be a motivator.
    Terence Ayres

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