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How to build real life skills in schools?

“Its not about what happens,
its all about how you  handle it,
that defines you”
                            Lets recall failures of life, the events which shattered us completely or the unexpected moments. Those set backs us shattered and destroyed us, Lets wonder, why we are not taught to handle such phases of life in education?.
                           After analyzing this fact, we can say that in such situations if we try to get self connected, we learn the skills of life . Well, this skills like patience, positive attitude, trust or confidence are at most necessary in living life. We can term it as “street education” as we can learn it only through day to day experiences. No doubt school education is must but, as an individual its this street education which makes our lives worth living.
                         Just observe the people around, even same qualified people act differently, much of highly qualified people are cowards, impatient and rude. we can surely say that, they lack in street education skills.As an impact, they get frustrated very soon, start fighting and it affects every aspect of their life.

                          ” if you can conquer yourself, you can conquer the world” ,how true it is.  well, lets make an attempt to teach such street education to future generation. Assignments can be framed to teach such situation handling skills. Make kids purposely wait for things, make them patient to get what they want, if they get angry help them to first accept the situation and then react. Teach them to be calm in any situation, we should make them aware that life does not always go in the manner which we expect, if we teach them such a street education, they can surely deal the setbacks in more matured ways.

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