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how to develop politeness in schools?

“A mans beauty,
is in his tongue”
                                                         -Prophet Mohammed
                       We meet so many people in life, some argue, agree, disagree or some interact. Whatever is the communication, what we like is not the point of opinion, but the way in which we communicate. Even if the person disagrees to our point but, if they disapproves  in a polite manner it touches us.          In spite of differences in opinion, we like such conversations. Such kind of polite behavior is appreciated forever. It depicts our culture and tradition. Politeness is not an easy task, it has to be practiced and gained through training minds.
                      This article is written to throw light on developing the polite nature in human beings. Lets take the case study of Japan which is known as the most polite place on earth.  Recall an individual from Japan, they are very polite and respectful in behavior. All the countries have always appreciated there polite culture.
                      Analyzing reason for these behavior, it was found that its schools which teach these politeness and gratitude skill. Since, childhood they have a culture to be  thankful to many of the things in life. Kids in Japan schools are asked to say thank you to their teachers after every lecture, thank you to their cooks for meal, thank you for whatever little things happens in  a daily routine course. Along with expressing gratitude they bend towards other person which kills their ego and learns to respect others. 
                    Expressing repetitive gratitude inculcates the polite culture as proved by Japan people. Lets involve such gratitude process in all the schools of the world, so that, ultimately entire world can become polite. Polite culture also leads to positive and patient attitude in life. These skills are not easily gained in life.  Lets, start inculcating at schools so that, we can develop polite future generation.

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