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How to develop positive communication with kids?

“At the end of the day,
the most over whelming key to a child’s success,
is the positive involvement of parents”
                                                  -Jane D.Hull

                  Parents are the real world to kids. Mostly they should learn life from parents only. Parents can be called as successful,if they become mentors of their kids life. For doing so, you need to first communicate in positive manner and solve their problems. But, the basic thing is that they should firstly communicate and then we can be their mentors.
                  Mostly, kids communicate at early stages, but the communication goes on decreasing as they grow older. Especially, the teenagers, they mostly tend to learn from the outside world. Well, this is the point of life about which this article focuses on. Let them talk to parents first than to outsiders.
                    We, as in parents will be successful if they share first with us than others. A simple trick can be an attempt to get involved in their life. We cannot directly get into this aspect, slowly and gradually we can attempt to do so. We suggest daily asking some questions can increase this bonding.
                “how was your day”. This one question can give us an opportunity to start the communication. if this attempt fails, lets try to share our day experience with them, ask there opinion make it a point that we love to share our day with them. Slowly and gradually if we try to make consistent effort to get into their life’s, it  can help us to build the positive communication with them.

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