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How to teach mindfulness in schools?

” Mindfulness is a way 
of befriending ourselves and
our experience”
                                                       -Jon Kabat- Zinn

         Lets observe people around us.first type are always thinking about past moments or dreaming about future.  We want this and we want that. They are hugely affected by their surroundings. Now lets wonder the other kind of people who are calm,thinker and in jolly mode always. These type of people are self-connected people. Who believe living life in present mode.
                      Self-connected mode is knowing our mind and keeping it in present  mode. If we are perfectly enjoying and learning from present mode then we can have happy life. Well, really happy are those who are self-connected. Knowing ourselves is very more important than knowing others. Once you have conquer yourself, you can conquer the world. Living such a life, is a result self controlled mind which is termed as “mindfulness”.
                     Yes, secret to be happy and in live life fully is “mindfulness”. Lets be in present thats the state termed as “mindfulness”. Now, next how to develop it. Well Research has revealed meditation can help person to be in calm and present state.
                     Or else in schools we can ask students ” What you are learning now?”. Well it seems very difficulty but, if we give them examples of our present learning, we can introduce them to self connection concept. This one question can involve them in living in present process and incidentally they can get aware of their mind soon.                  

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