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One Question: which enhances memory

" At the end of the day,

                                the most overwhelming key to child's success,

Is the positive involvement of parents"

                -Jane D.Hull

Looking at the general scenario, we parents talk all about rules and regulations. habits and studies. Some are actively involved in wards hobbies too. Parents are busy making extensive efforts to flourish their kids future and career.

                            Accordingly kids are busy with the schedule decided by various organizations like their family,school, teachers etc. They just go and attain, sometimes they gain a lot sometimes they do not. What we are interested in, is the result. Parents generally depend upon lots of external factors to take care of the intelligence of kids.

                                Is it the proper way?. Well this article is written to put light on these point. We, parents are dependent on the schools and various external factors for kids development. But, the sad fact is, it is least important in molding kids mental awareness. No such external courses are effective for fast mental and memory growth. Then what is solution?. Well we suggest, asking one question can take us insight of kids life and can increase their memory too.

"What you learned today?"

This one question can give parents a path to start the communication with kids and even kids can open up their minds. While we regularly practice these question they will get eventually habitual to memorize all day activities and which in turn increase their memory efficiency. And it should be an interesting act as like story telling. They should be excited to tell what they learned.

At first, it is too difficult to begin with. As it they are not going to understand what they are actually asked. Lets start with how was your day?. What all happened today. If they made some mistake and got punished here is point where we can through light on learning mode. We have to go deeper to know kids world. Exactly what they think and what they do?. Parents should know whether it is just a mundane routine that they go to schools and come back or they really learn what they are expected to?.


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