Education today and tomorrow

Online education

“Educating the mind,
 without educating the heart is not education at all”

                               “Online education”, sounds really great at first glance. Todays generation is struggling to get align with what is called as online education. Well, the way tutor uploads videos students listen and understand the videos and at last, appear for the exam is known as online classroom. acquiring qualification with online medium is called as online education. It is also termed as digital education. Whereas, the previous physical education is now called as traditional education.
                                We can say that online education method is replacing the traditional systems. even the kids learn through the digital medium very easily. One fact which we cannot deny is that it is very easy to engage students via online medium. Whereas, in traditional system controlling the large strength classroom is a difficult task. Above control, engaging and involving everyone in learning process is largely dependent upon teaching ability.
                                Also, the most important facility which online medium offers is the flexible learning mode. Every student can listen and concentrate as per their mood and time. With their learning interest they can yield higher learning as compared to the traditional systems.
                               Every coin has two sides, With lot many advantages there are many drawbacks. In physical medium there is lot seriousness if the teacher is good.  Teacher has the ability to judge the learners pace and accordingly change their teaching modes. If not understood, they can make them explain in various ways. It is same as of meeting the person on video than to physical talk. of course, we interact more in physical space .Also, rather than learning we mostly end up in mere surfing and wasting time. self control and attention is required attribute on online medium
                              Whatever, is the experience or feel, the main thing is that we are replacing traditional with online medium. Our generations are used to physical teaching method and now sudden of these digitalization. The only point of this article is to get accustomed with the technology. There is not point in sticking over the old ways as everything is going to be replaced digitally very soon. Slowly and gradually if we get used to it then only we can be ready for the future digital world.
                             Accepting this fact lets make our heart used to the digital medium so that our mind can easily learn as per the Aristotle saying.

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