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Project Based Learning: Efficient Learning way.

No wonder, when we are on actual field work or a project work we learn a lot then the textual lessons. Actually, the main advantage is,we actually get involved in the learning mode whereas in the classrooms we merely listen to lectures and there is less probability of getting involved in learning process. The sad part is classrooms make the education mere examination oriented and less learning oriented. With these study of traditional education system, Japan and Finland have successfully adopted Phenomenon /Project Based Learning concept.

Advantages of Project Based Learning System:

  1. Learning Mode is Nurtured: Once kids are exposed to an application, certainly they start actively participating. They are nurtured towards educating themselves and are taken away from marks and competitions. Eventually their thinking process is activated and they get into learning mode.


  1. Social Awareness : Project Based Learning  involves surveys and interaction with the people.With such assignments kids get aware about the world around them and are exposed to real life situations and facts


  1. Subjects will be history soon: Finland is the top educational country in the world. They have successfully adopted Project Based Learning as the study pattern . With the amazing learning results, it is said that soon the subject pattern will be history in Finland. The kids there are compulsorily involved in Projects they are asked to study previous systems and learn the new concepts.


  1. Teachers freedom:

For the success of PBL, teachers are made free from typical study boundaries. They are given full freedom to take decisions about the project topics and can guide students as per the projects convenience.

  1. Innovative Exhibitions:

After successful completion of the project, it should be demonstrated to the world and kids should be motivated to innovate further in their respective fields.


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