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school walk out : solution for violence?

“The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance,
Everyone is so intolerant of each other”
                                                                                            -Diana,Princess of Wales
                ” Enough is Enough”, was the young generations shout to adults given by demonstrating the  school walk out for 17 minutes on last Wednesday, 14th march 2018. Thousands of students across united states walked to demand strict gun laws and it created a historic show of political solidarity. 17 minutes as a tribute to all 17 people killed at Forida’s Majory Stoneman Douglas High School.
                    Can reformation of government gun laws solve this problem?. Can rules, regulations and punishments guarantee non-violence?. Well, gun is simply a medium through which people burst out their inner violence. 
                    This article is written to focus on inner non-violence ability which can be solution to such problems. Guns and more other weapons are being manufactured and used in huge scale, stopping and controlling its sale is one way. Though we have guns, but the usage is dependent upon people’s mindset.
                    Intolerance is the root cause of all violence in the world. Things are not always going to  be the way we want it to be. Accepting the situation and acting according to the situation is the foremost skill which we all youngsters should learn. In today’s world, Everything is fast and easy as an impact of it,we even want to control the situations around us.
                    With such mindset, we develop intolerant attitude.Solution is to only increase the inner tolerance ability. Whatever happens, even unexpected, just stop reacting and take time to think. Calm down and think over the topic. First and foremost accept the fact it is not in my favor, then react calmly. 
                  Today, the time has come to learn the ability of  calmness, “increase tolerance” in schools. 
Kids should be placed in the situations which is against of their will. Tolerance tests should be conducted which can be the way in which we can hope to develop tolerant attitude in next generation. If strong strategies are implemented ,then only these problems can be solved else, such kind of “people killing” act will happen frequently. Lastly, we can conclude that, by changing the inner world we can surely change the outer world.

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