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The impact of story telling on young minds…..

“The most powerful person in the world,
is the story teller,
The story teller sets the vision,values
and agenda of an entire generation,
that is to come”
                                                            -Steve Jobs

        We all love stories, we get involved into the characters, it entertains us, above all, we learn some values from stories.  Even we like movies, only because we get inspired from the story of the movies. 

                   Lets, go to back to the kids learning now, the most effective mode of learning for kids are the stories. We can transform the life of students by telling them the stories. It is the only type of learning in which kids are more eager and waiting to begin it.
                Research of novelist, John Berger, revealed that kids begin to recognize their worlds by stories even before they learn to speak or read. The stories which they listen have strong influence on how they think and behave.Biologically, brain releases the dopamine, when it experience emotionally  charged event,which makes brain easier to remember such events.
                  As, we now know the tool for changing the thinking and behavior of kids, Lets begin selecting the stories which can add lessons into their life’s. We can intentionally  change their life by telling a learning oriented story daily.

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