Education today and tomorrow

The skill of learning to learn…….

” Starve your distractions,
Feed your focus”
            We have seen many people who are expert in multiple fields at a time. It wonders us how they can manage it. How amazing it is, to learn new fields. After analyzing these fact it was found that, although the human brain is too complex but, it can be trained with will power and thoughts.
                Human brain is mainly controlled by two modes of thoughts one is focus and other sleeping or relax mode. Usually it switches between these modes forever our lives. Research has shown, focus about 30 minutes followed by relax mode of about 10  minutes can increase grasping.
                  Focus is the art in which we learn the concepts. It can effectively gained if you concentrate on topic for over some period of time and then take a relax break. such kind of alternate focus and break cycle can give you the ability to learn.
                  For focusing the brain should be made curious and set in learning mode. Mind  can get the link to make it ready for setting the focus. By applying intentional mind set we can learn the skill of learning.

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